BMW Parking Assistant: One BMW Innovation in a Long Line of Many

For many years, BMW has been an innovator within the transportation industry. From developing the first aircraft engine with aluminum pistons in 1917 to releasing countless safety features and convenience features over the years, BMW has been and continues to be a true innovator. New BMW Parking Assistant technology, explained in the above video, though impressive on its own for its practical use, is just a small part in a long line of innovation, research, and development on the part of BMW.

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Vehicle Trade-In Tips: Brought to You by Hendrick BMW

You're searching for a new vehicle. That means you're also probably looking for what to do with your old vehicle. Luckily, here at Hendrick BMW, we strive to make the vehicle appraisal and trade-in process as easy and straightforward as possible. Even if you do take advantage of our easy online trade-valuation tool and have a good idea of what your vehicle might be worth, it's still a good idea to follow the below tips to ensure you're getting top-dollar for your trade...

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Finding the Perfect Pre-Owned BMW: It's Easier Than You Think

Searching for your next pre-owned BMW near Charlotte, NC? At Hendrick BMW, we're stocked with all your favorite BMW models. What's more, we take a different approach to new and pre-owned car sales, focusing less on how to sell you a vehicle, and more on how to find you the right vehicle based on your needs. Rather than convincing you to upgrade, we want you to feel comfortable with all your options...

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The New BMW X3: Try Not to Fall In Love.

You probably are aware of what wise men have to say on the topic of fools rushing in. You probably also know where wise men never go near Charlotte. Nevertheless, and despite our shameless allusions to the Great American Songbook, there are some people, places, and things you just can't help but feeling attracted to. Likewise, some vehicles warrant your unsolicited attention and your, perhaps undeserving love. But still, they tug at your heartstrings. The new BMW X3 is one of those vehicles – sort of...

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Introducing the BMW 8 Series. Proof That Some Feelings Are Unexplainable

Why do words exist at all? To communicate processes, intentions, emotions. First there were cave paintings. Then there were alphabets. Eventually, languages and vocabularies developed. So advanced are we today, that we go around communicating with each other using mixed media – videos and words together, across multiple channels, on dozens of platforms, including of course, the internet. This post, even, has the ability to take you someplace other than where you are in real-time.

This same power is harnessed in our modern transportation solutions...

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