BMW Dashboard Symbols

Below, you will find some of the common BMW dashboard light indicators and warnings that you'll experience. As a general rule, the color of the illuminated symbol illustrates the severity of the issue.

  • Red once illuminated indicate an issue that required immediate attention.
  • Orange will typically indicate a less urgent issue, for example a vehicle service required.
  • Other symbol colors such as blue and green provide the driver with information such as lights and indicators.
  • Flashing warning lights inform the driver of an urgent issue.

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Lighting Indicators and Symbols

The following are all related to your vehicle's lighting system. Many you have seen before, and most will be green or blue.

Turn Signal

Headlamp Indicator

Headlamp Out or Malfunction

High Beams On

Automatic Headlamp Dimmer Indicator

High Beam Assistant

Daytime Running Lights

Tail Light Indicator

Fog Lamp Indicator

BMW Warning Lights - the Truly Serious Ones

If you see any of the following symbols on your dashboard, take no chances. Stop you vehicle immediately and find an authorized repair facility.

Brake Warning Indicators

Engine Coolant Temperature Indicators

Engine Oil Level
Oil Pressure Warning Lights

Engine Oil Sensor and Level Indicators

Charging System Warning Lights

Routine and Common Indicators

The following symbols are intended to point out routine needs for your vehicle. For instance, the need to fill your windshield washer fluid, or close a door.

    Low On Fuel - Requires Refueling.

    Low Washer Jet Fluid - Requires Refilling.

    Flashing Light - Parking Sensor Fault.

    EML - Engine Management Light - Requires Investigation (Please book the vehicle in for diagnostic).

    Parking Brake - On or fault with parking brake system.

    Seat Belt - Reminder.

    Service Light.

    Inspection Light.

    Vehicles With Stop, Start Technology - Fault with system.

    Steering Lock Fault - ELV Fault.

    Traction Control - Off Or Inactive (Faulty).

    Traction Control - Off Or Inactive (Faulty).

    Tire Pressure Warning Light - Vehicle has detected low pressure in at least one tire.

    Airbag Warning Light - If light is on constant, all airbags are inactive due to fault.

    Charging Light - Low Battery Power / Vehicle Not Charging.

    Brake Pads Low - Warning Light - will require replacement.

    Cruise Control - On.

    DPF Service / DPF Failure Warning.

    DPF Service / DPF Failure Warning.

    Oil Level Warning - Red - Stop.

    Oil Level Warning - Yellow - Low.

    Transmission Fault - Fault stored in transmission ECU - Requires specialist attention.

    Handbrake Light - Indicating handbrake is on or fault with braking system.

    Low Coolant Light - do not continue your journey until coolant level is checked (from cold).

    Glow Plug Light.

    ABS - Anti Braking System Light - If light is on constant, ABS is inactive due to fault

    Information Light.

    See Owners Manual.