Get the keys to your new BMW, and learn how to drive it the way it deserves.

When you order your new BMW from Hendrick BMW, consider taking delivery at the BMW Performance no extra cost. From the moment you arrive in South Carolina you will be immersed in the BMW culture. You and your companion are picked up in a BMW and transported to a first-class hotel where you can expect VIP treatment, a delicious dinner for two and an overnight stay that evening is provided, AND after breakfast the following morning, the hotel transports you to the Performance Center to begin your Ultimate Delivery Experience!


Once you order your new vehicle from Hendrick BMW, let us know that you would
like to take Performance Center Delivery. Our BMW Client Advisor will assist
you in the scheduling of your experience.


When getting to know your BMW from the inside out, we make sure you receive an in-depth introduction. That's why our Product Specialists show you every feature in your vehicle, explaining all options from the BMW iDrive system, to operating radio functions, and connecting to BMW Assist™.


After arriving in South Carolina, you and your companion can expect nothing short of VIP treatment: transportation to a first-class hotel in a personal BMW, dinner for two, and a complimentary overnight stay the evening prior to your delivery.

The following morning, enjoy a continental breakfast before heading to the BMW Performance Center to begin your ultimate delivery experience.


Have you ever wondered what a BMW is really capable of? Well, your delivery includes time behind the wheel of a vehicle similar to the one you purchased.  With the guidance of our professional driving instructors, you'll learn just how the Ultimate Driving Machine® earned its moniker.

When you leave the BMW Performance Center and finally head home in your new vehicle, you can feel confident in both its operation and dynamic performance.

What is the BMW Performance Center Delivery Program?

The BMW Performance Center Delivery program is an exciting and unique opportunity in which a customer and guest can fully experience the BMW culture. Included in the program is a complimentary one-night stay (including meals) at a luxurious hotel, professional driving instruction in a BMW similar to the one ordered, a tour of both the BMW Zentrum museum and Manufacturing Plant***, and of course a personalized vehicle delivery presentation by a BMW Product Specialist. Customers can expect nothing but VIP treatment when they opt to take delivery at the BMW Performance Center. ***BMW Zentrum and Plant subject to closings.

What is the Cost of the Delivery Program?

$0. Taking delivery at the BMW Performance Center is a no-cost option. However, customers are responsible for the cost of their personal travel to and from South Carolina.

Where in South Carolina is the BMW Performance Center Located?

The BMW Performance Center neighbors the BMW Manufacturing Plant (BMWMC) located in Spartanburg, SC. The facility is located at 1155 Highway 101 South located in Greer, SC 29651.

Which Model Can Be Delivered to the BMW Performance Center?

Customers are not limited to taking delivery of specific models. In fact, the BMW Performance Center Delivery program is available for any new BMW model currently in production.

To be eligible, customers must order vehicles from an authorized BMW retail center within the United States. Ineligible vehicles include CPO, BMWs sold off the dealer lot, MINI, Rolls-Royce, and Motorrad.

Who Qualifies For Delivery at the BMW Performance Center?

The program is available to the vehicle owner and one guest only. Customers who are U.S. residents (18 years of age or older with a valid U.S. driver's license) registering the vehicle at a valid U.S. address can take delivery at the BMW Performance Center. Participants will be required to sign a waiver to participate as a driver or passenger in any BMW Performance Center vehicle.

Customers younger than 18 years of age must possess valid driver licenses/permits and must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian (most likely the person whose name appears on the bill-of-sale/lease agreement/retail installment contract, etc.). Parents accompanying a minor will be required to sign a waiver on the child's behalf.

No one under the age of 12 will be allowed to participate in any driving activities or attend factory tour.

Is There a 'Destination and Handling Fee" for the Delivery Program?

Yes. There is a $895 fee that applies to all BMW models regardless of whether the vehicle is delivered at the selling BMW center or at the BMW Performance Center.

Can bMW Trasnport a Vehicle to a Customer's Home After Delivery?

No. The BMW Performance Center can only transport vehicles to the customer's selling BMW center. The shipping cost will be at the customer or center's expense. Upon request, the BMW Performance Center can obtain quotes to ship cars back to the selling BMW center.

When Should a Customer Arrive For the BMW Delivery Program?

Based upon a confirmed delivery date, it is at the customer's discretion to choose an arrival date and time. Typically, customers arrive the day prior to delivery in order to take advantage of the complimentary one-night stay. Customers can choose to arrive a few days before or stay a few nights after delivery; however, all additional expenses (not limited to lodging, meals, gasoline) on these days will be at the customer's expense.

What Accomodations Are Included with the Delivery Program?

BMW Performance Center Delivery customers will be provided accommodations at The Greenville Marriott located at 1 The Parkway East in Greenville, South Carolina 29615.

The hotel restaurant will serve dinner the night prior to the customer's scheduled delivery date. Reservations will be taken up until 10 pm. A limited menu will be available at the bar from 10-11 pm for guest arriving late.

For customers arriving after 11 pm, prior arrangements can be made with the BMW Performance Center to have the hotel place a deli tray in the customer's room. Please make these arrangements when submitting your travel information after scheduling your Performance Center Delivery.

On the morning of your delivery, the hotel restaurant serves breakfast starting at 6:30 AM. Lunch on the day of delivery is provided at the BMW Performance Center.

Please note: It is the policy of the Greenville Marriott not to allow pets. However, customer's can pay for pet lodging available at several kennels in the area.

How Will Arragements Be Made at the Greenville Marriott?

The BMW Performance Center will make arrangements for customers to stay at the Greenville Marriott. The complimentary stay is provided the evening before delivery (one night double-occupancy) at the Greenville Marriott. Reservations will be made through the Marriott sales office and are usually finalized approximately one week prior to delivery. For any concerns regarding accommodations, please email the BMW Performance Center at

What Time Does The Delivery Program Start and End?

Customers and their guests should plan to arrive and meet in the front lobby of the BMW Performance Center no later than 8:00 AM. For customers staying at the Greenville Marriott the prior evening, the hotel courtesy shuttle will leave for the BMW Performance Center promptly at 7:45 AM.

In any order, customers and their guests can expect to rotate as pairs through the three different two-hour modules of driving instruction, plant and museum tour, and vehicle presentations. Typically, the BMW Performance Center Delivery program lasts no later than 3 pm.

What Exercises Will Customers Partake In?

After a brief classroom session with a BMW Driving Instructor, customers will gain access behind the wheel of one of the BMW Performance Center fleet vehicles that most closely matches the model ordered. Customers will experience exercises in handling, braking and traction control. Customers taking delivery of an X3 or X5 will also have the opportunity to explore the vehicle's capabilities on the BMW Performance Center's "Other Roads" course.

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