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Some Like It Hot. If You Don't, Here's How to Cool Down Your BMW!


Let's face it, here in the Charlotte area, the summers can be sweltering. Whether or not your BMW is black-on-black – the dreaded color combination for summertime heat – it's never fun stepping into a hot vehicle, especially if it has been sitting idly for some time. That's why here at Hendrick BMW, we're excited to provide you the above video and give you some useful tips and tricks to help keep you calm, cool, and collected this summer!

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BMW i3: Charges up to 80% In Only 30 Minutes!

Thinking about purchasing or leasing a new BMW i3, but worried about range? Don’t dismay; this BMW model is easily charged to roughly eighty percent capacity in just about a half hour, making most any trip more convenient! So, if you've been on-the-fence about taking the plunge and getting yourself an i3 due to range anxiety, fear no more!

Still not quite sure if the BMW i3…

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BMW X1: Man's Best Friend, Dog's Best Ride


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You know what they say about dogs being "man's best friend". Here's a shout out to all you dog lovers of all gender identities in and around Charlotte – we know that nothing can replace the love and adoration you have for your dog, and vice versa. And while a BMW X1 – or any vehicle for that matter – may not provide you the same kind of adoration, it certainly is a vehicle that beckons to be driven, tested, and loved...

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New BMW X5: More Details

Not long ago, we gave you a preview of what was to come for the BMW X5. Now, we're back again to announce that the new BMW X5 has arrived, and you can expect us to start stocking this brand-new BMW soon! In the meantime, allow us to fill you in on what makes this all-new BMW SAV a great choice for your next vehicle!


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Get A Sneak Peek of the upcoming BMW X5

There's something especially exciting about a new car or SUV. That new-car smell. That pride of being the first owner. That feeling of a long future of driving enjoyment ahead. For all of us here at Hendrick BMW, it's even more exciting when a brand-new BMW model is released. Such is the case with the BMW X5.


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BMW 3 Series Then and Now

The BMW 3 Series is well-renowned as one of the reigning compact sports sedans on the market today. It's been that way for many years, ever since the first BMW 3 Series - the vehicle you see pictured above - was released. What exactly makes the 3 Series so captivating? Read on to find out.

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