BMW didn't let a cancelled event hold back their unveiling of the BMW Concept i4, instead they did a completely virtual world premiere so that drivers could still get a glimpse at what the brand is working on. Marching decisively into the world of electric vehicles, BMW continues to awe drivers with what it is capable of.


Electrifying BMW Models

There are already two electric BMW models that the BMW Concept i4 will be joining: the BMW i3 and the BMW i8. The i3 is the more conservative of these options while the i8 is the coupe or roadster that excites with a stylish design and powerful performance. The i4 will land somewhere between these, having a bold, gran coupe design.

All BMW models offer a powerful performance and bold design, but their electric models take that up a notch. The futuristic look is enough to draw the eyes of anyone that you pass.


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