Taking care of your BMW car or SAV will ensure it continues to have the performance that you love. Choosing our Charlotte, NC BMW service center means you can schedule your service online, posing the least interruption to your day while getting the most for your car. All it takes is a few minutes for you to have a meeting with one of our expert technicians.


Why to Schedule Online

Scheduling a service online will allow you to see all the potential times that you can visit our dealership, finding the one that is the most convenient for your needs. No matter if it is for something as simple as an oil change or routine maintenance, or if you need a more in-depth repair, our team is here to get it all for you.


Trusting Our Charlotte, NC Service Technicians

Our factory-trained technicians can do all the work with ease. Our service center spends their days working on every BMW model in the lineup, giving them the experience needed to handle any issue that might come up in yours quickly and effectively.


See What We Can Do for You

You can contact our team with any questions about your new or used BMW model. We encourage you to reach out whenever you need so that you can stay confident during your time behind the wheel.

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