It's Fall Car Care Time

The colder weather is rolling in, and fast on its heels, people are starting to prepare. Maybe you need to reorganize your wardrobe and bust out the layers. Or perhaps it's almost getting to be that time of year when you remove your A/C units and store them in the garage 'til next year. There are many ways to prep for autumn here in Charlotte. But when you do start prepping, don't forget fall car care!

Top Tips for Keeping Your BMW Running Well This Autumn

Did you know that October is Fall Car Care month? Well it is. There are many steps you can take – this month, and regularly during the other eleven months of the year – to keep your BMW running at its best. Here are just a few. For more information on fall car care or BMW repair & maintenance best practices all-year-round, reach out to us here at Hendrick BMW, anytime!


  • Get your oil changed
  • Have your tires checked
  • Have your battery checked
  • Have all your fluids, belts, and hoses inspected
  • Get your wipers checked
  • Get your heating and HVAC system checked
  • Consider switching from all season or summer tires to winter tires


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