Vehicle Trade-In Tips: Brought to You by Hendrick BMW

You're searching for a new vehicle. That means you're also probably looking for what to do with your old vehicle. Luckily, here at Hendrick BMW, we strive to make the vehicle appraisal and trade-in process as easy and straightforward as possible. Even if you do take advantage of our easy online trade-valuation tool and have a good idea of what your vehicle might be worth, it's still a good idea to follow the below tips to ensure you're getting top-dollar for your trade while also making things easier on yourself:


  • Obtain different estimates for your vehicle's value based on different valuation services
  • Make sure you have all the right documentation (registration, title, etc.) prior to bringing your vehicle in to trade
  • Still making payments? Obtain a payoff quote from your lender first
  • Take all personal items out of your car – do a thorough search under seats, in your trunk, in your glove compartment and center console, and other vehicle areas
  • Clean your vehicle or have it detailed before trading in
  • Consider future vehicle expenses and the differential between them and what you've been paying for your current vehicle prior to picking your next vehicle


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