What Is BMW xDrive?

BMW xDrive is BMW's answer to all-wheel-drive. It's more than just an all-wheel-drive system, though – it's an all-wheel-drive system designed and engineered by the experts who have brought you the ultimate driving experience. And that means, it was made with not only safety and traction in-mind, but also top-notch performance.

How Does BMW xDrive Work?

It all starts with stability control sensors that detect any loss of grip you encounter when driving. Unlike traditional 4WD systems, BMW xDrive intelligent all-wheel-drive works automatically. When you're driving and your BMW intuits that one or more wheels have lost traction, power is diverted via a multi-disc clutch to the appropriate wheels (those with the most traction). What's more, unlike most AWD systems, the ratio of power under normal conditions is 60/40 between the rear wheels and front wheels, respectively, resulting in a sportier drive. When traction is lost, however, up to 100% of power can be sent to either the front or rear wheels.

Which BMW Models Offer xDrive?

The new BMW model lineup includes plenty of vehicles with xDrive, including the entirety of the BMW X Series SUV model lineup, plus a variety of other BMW cars like the BMW 3 Series, the BMW 5 Series the BMW 6 Series, and the BMW 7 Series.

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