BMW 3 Series Then and Now

The BMW 3 Series is well-renowned as one of the reigning compact sports sedans on the market today. It's been that way for many years, ever since the first BMW 3 Series - the vehicle you see pictured above - was released. What exactly makes the 3 Series so captivating? A wide variety of features and attributes. Many things - like the pursuit of a near 50/50 weight distribution - have stayed similar throughout time. Others, though - like the use of iDrive and the availability of active safety features - have changed.

The fact remains that the BMW 3 Series is one of the nicest premium luxury sedans money can buy today. Interested? Browse our current selection of BMW 3 Series cars today. If you have questions or concerns - or if you want to take one of these new BMWs out for a test-drive, contact us here at Hendrick BMW!

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