BMW Safety Then and Now


When Bob Camozzo bought his first BMW 7 Series sedan, he was likely expecting a luxury vehicle with good performance, a comfortable, quiet cabin, and plenty of features and amenities. He likely didn't expect it to save his daughter's life.

Bob Camozzo's daughter was driving her father's BMW one day, when a tractor trailer drove over the vehicle, dragging it along as it continued down the roadway. When someone alerted the driver, and they were able to pull out the BMW from under the truck, it "just bounced back up on its wheels and had a couple of scratches". Bob credits his 7 Series with saving his daughter's life.

New BMW Safety

From active advanced driver assistance features like lane keep assist, automatic emergency braking, and adaptive cruise control to self-driving programs in new BMW models like the 7 Series and surround view parking systems, BMW continues to stay on the cutting edge of safety.

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