BMW Sets Two New Continuous Guinness World Records™


You can thank BMW, the new M5, driver Johan Schwartz, refuel driver Matt Mullins, and refueler Matt Butts for two new Guinness World Records for having been set. That's because very recently, with Schwartz at the wheel, a new BMW M5 set the world record for the longest vehicle drift - 232.5 miles and eight continuous hours.

Continuously Refueling the New BMW M5

To make the 8-hour drift even more dynamic, BMW engineered a way to transfer fuel from one BMW to the drifting BMW, while still drifting. By removing the rear seat and placing a fuel cell into the trunk area, Matt Butts was able to utilize a special refueling device to transfer about 18 gallons of fuel into the drifting M5 driven by Schwartz in about 50 seconds.

Learn More About the New BMW M5

So now you know that the BMW M5 is capable of drifting for over 8 hours. Want to discover what else this new BMW can do? Contact us here at Hendrick BMW of Charlotte today! We look forward to hearing from you.