Some Like It Hot. If You Don't, Here's How to Cool Down Your BMW!


Let's face it, here in the Charlotte area, the summers can be sweltering. Whether or not your BMW is black-on-black – the dreaded color combination for summertime heat – it's never fun stepping into a hot vehicle, especially if it has been sitting idly for some time. That's why here at Hendrick BMW, we're excited to provide you the above video and give you some useful tips and tricks to help keep you calm, cool, and collected this summer!

Your BMW's Cool (and Cooling) Features

Utilize the following features, if equipped, to help things stay temperate inside your BMW this time of year:


  • Power Sun Blind: Using a button on your driver's side door, activate your power sun blind prior to exiting your BMW to mitigate the warming effects of the sun's UV rays before you next enter the vehicle.
  • Preset Parked Car Ventilation: Program your vehicle's climate control system (or ventilated seats, if equipped) to automatically ventilate for up to half an hour before getting in for a preset time and date range. You can also do this on-demand using the BMWConnected App.
  • Open Your Windows and Moonroof: Use the BMWConnected App or press and hold down the unlock button on your key fob to quickly open your windows and moonroof, letting out hot air before you step inside the car.
  • Use MAX A/C: Using MAX A/C inside your BMW upon entering automatically adjusts your climate control system to the lowest available temperature, highest fan speed, and enables recirculation to cool down the interior of your vehicle as expediently as possible.


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