Reach New Horizons in a BMW


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Years ago, people thought the earth was flat. And, without any knowledge of science, and no broader perspective, it is easy to understand why. One need only look at the horizon line to think “that’s where the sky earth and sky meet”. But really, the horizon line is only an “apparent” line – meaning it is, in fact, an optical illusion. It’s moveable.

When you drive a BMW, it’s like this – you travel forwards; onwards and upwards. You keep going. You tackle every curve, twist, and turn ahead enraptured and with ease. And with every mile you continue onward, you’re redefining what can be done. You’re moving your horizon ever forwards, constantly proving that what you once might have thought was impossible, was in fact very possible.

At BMW, engineers, designers, plant workers, and more, have been working for many years to produce the latest automotive innovations – like the BMW i8 coupe and roadster, or the new BMW X2 SUV. Perhaps its time you experienced how driving a BMW could help give you the confidence to create the same kind of breakthroughs in your own life.

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